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    我作文|我 英语作文

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    我就是实验二校二年级五班的赵永超,我长得瘦瘦的,平时上课不太认真,学习成绩不好。可是期中考试我考得不错,妈妈可高兴了愿望作文,还带我去了东营玩了一次呢!I\m Zhao Yongchao from class 5, grade 2 of experimental school 2. I\m skinny. I don\t take classes seriously and I don\t get good grades. But I did well in the mid-term exam. My mother was very happy. She took me to Dongying for a visit!我从小就很爱画画初中作文愿望作文,我的画画得很好愿望作文,什么人物、动物、花草树木我都会画。I love painting very much since I was a child. I draw very well. I can draw all kinds of people, animals, plants and trees.我以后要好好学习,争取每次考试都拿到好的成绩。I will study hard in the future and try to get good grades in every ex
    愿望作文 作文600字初中 300字的作文

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